After months of waiting, the second character in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT‘s season pass has finally been revealed. Locke Cole, the “treasure hunter” from Final Fantasy VI, is now a part of Square Enix’s massive crossover fighting game.

Locke originally graced the SNES back in 1994. Much like the other NES and SNES-era heroes, Locke’s primary outfit is based on Yoshitaka Amano’s original concept art for his character. His secondary outfit is based on Locke’s original SNES sprite.

Locke had been hinted at in the past. In the side story Dissidia Final Fantasy: Secretum -Himitsu-, an amnesiac heavily implied to be Locke was one of the main characters. Locke was also considered to be the main representative of Final Fantasy VI in the first Dissidia for the PSP, but Terra was chosen instead.

The next character in the season pass will be a new female character from the latter half of Final Fantasy titles. She will be revealed in July, so keep an eye out for her!

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