Final Fantasy XV is coming out next week (barring any more unforeseen delays) and it seems, much like all of their fans, Square Enix is looking to celebrate a little bit. According to a recent tweet from the official Final Fantasy XV twitter, some kind of event will be held on November 29th at the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Mall in Hollywood, California. As to what this event is, no details were revealed sans a somewhat obvious pun: the event will be “astral-nomic.”

Anyone keeping up with Final Fantasy XV probably already knows that Astrals are this iteration’s version of summons. Given how monumentally epic the summons that Square Enix has shown off are, we can only imagine what an entire event dedicated to them might be. Though, if any of the responses to the tweet are an indication, the developer might be hard-pressed to get their fans unstuck from their televisions next week.

Will you be attending the event? What do you think the event will be? Let us know in the comments below!

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