The recently-announced mobile version of Final Fantasy XV, titled Pocket Edition, has a chance of coming to the Nintendo Switch according to game director Hajime Tabata. During the Gamescom conference in Germany, Tabata spoke about the possibility of seeing Pocket Edition on Nintendo’s new hybrid console.

During the conference, Square Enix announced that they were developing a mobile version of Final Fantasy XV, making the story accessible on mobile devices with simplified caricatures of the game’s locales, characters, and gameplay systems. The announcement only included Android, iOS, and Windows 10 versions of the title. However, Tabata says that if there is demand, and if his team wanted to, he would consider bringing the game to Nintendo’s console.

“Obviously we’d have to think about what the meaning and what the significance of bringing this to Switch would be. You know, whether people would want to play it and whether it would be the right thing to do for our team.” — Hajime Tabata

Another consideration, according to Tabata, is that this game is built for touch screens only. This means that a Switch version might have to be handheld-only, eliminating the possibility of playing Pocket Edition on a TV screen.

During the same conference, Tabata alluded to bringing Final Fantasy XV, or at least something involving Final Fantasy, to the Nintendo Switch. However, it remains to be seen if this is what he meant.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will be released this Fall for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

Do you think they should bring Pocket Edition to the Switch? What else do you think Square Enix could bring to Nintendo’s console? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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