Final Fantasy XV is coming to Nintendo Switch! Well… sort of. Earlier this year Square Enix released a “Pocket Edition” of the game for mobile devices, and then later PC. This bite-sized re-telling of Noctis’ grand adventure gave mobile players a way to experience the story of the game, even if their platform of choice wasn’t capable of running the full game. Now that abridged experience is heading to multiple new platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD just launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One without any advance warning. It looks like the Nintendo Switch version of the game needs just a little more time for polish, but it will be launching later this month. All ten chapters are available on any of those platforms for $29.99.

So what can you expect from the
Pocket Edition of this once-massive game? It’s designed to retain all of the important story details (including voice acting) of the original while giving you a good sense of the world. However, much has been changed. The enormous open world has been replaced with more linear gameplay, combat has been simplified (and so has control in general), camera angles are now fixed, the graphics have been given a chibi makeover, and many of the game’s quests have been swapped out for more mobile-friendly ventures.

You can take a good look at
Pocket Edition HD by checking out the trailer above!

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