Weighing in on Microsoft’s recent announcement of Project Scorpio, the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, said that the new system shows “quite a lot of potential.” He also mentioned that Square Enix had not been informed of the project’s existence beforehand, so they have not begun planning for any titles on it. However, other companies such as Bethesda and EA were evidently in on it, since Todd Howard and Patrick Soderlund were both featured in the announcement video.

That said, Tabata seems very interested in both Scorpio and the recently-confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo, and he expressed interest in seeing what Final Fantasy XV could offer gamers on these new consoles.

“It’d be really great though if we could have Final Fantasy XV something we can play on the current-generation Xbox One and PS4, also give them that choice that when the new, stronger-generation hardware comes out, to have them play at that level as well. I’d really like to be able give them that.” — Hajime Tabata

Source: Kotaku

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