Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc is a brand new demo exclusive to Japan, so just about anyone with an internet connection, a PlayStation 4, and a Japanese PSN account can actually go online and download it right now. Some Western fans have already uploaded the entirety of the demo as well as the exclusive trailer that premieres upon its completion online. This new trailer, simply titled “Judgement,” answers a whole lot of questions about the upcoming JRPG’s story, though it also manages to still leave us asking just as many, if not more.

Just as a fair warning before you continue: this is a story trailer, so there will be quite a few spoilers. In fact, this is the first trailer to feature Noctis as an adult: a time jump that is likely to happen a fair way into the actual game. The trailer appears to be an overview of the actual story in Final Fantasy XV. Beginning with Noctis and Luna discussing his purpose as children, it proceeds forward with the main cast of characters as they journey onward and help the intrepid protagonist fulfill his destiny. As mentioned, it all culminates as an adult Noctis presides in what appears to be a dilapidated version of Insomnia’s throne room.

Anyone confused by some of Final Fantasy XV‘s recent trailers may actually find Judgement to be fairly enlightening on Noctis’ purpose and why he is on his journey. Unfortunately, Square Enix also leaves us with quite a bit of new information that may leave you scratching your head in the end. While it is definitely an interesting trailer, you may want to hold off and just wait to play the final game.

Thanks to YouTuber Shirrako for uploading the Judgement trailer.

How do you feel about this new trailer? Have you played Judgement Disc yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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