Fire Emblem Fates just launched in the United States on February 19th, and by the time the weekend had wrapped up on the 21st, the tactical RPG had sold over 300,000 copies. This is easily a new record for the franchise, crushing the launch numbers of Awakening, the previous record-holder. Fates (unlike Awakening) is available in two different versions, Birthright and Conquest, but its combined launch sales were five times higher than Awakening‘s. Nintendo has revealed that Birthright is the more popular of the versions in the West, but Conquest is close behind. Nintendo VP Scott Moffitt issued the following statement:

“Both fans and critics are falling for Fire Emblem Fates, and the early sales numbers prove the game’s undeniable appeal. This strong momentum for Nintendo 3DS is only the beginning, as many more high-quality exclusive games are set to launch for the hand-held system over the next few months.”
— Scott Moffitt

Source: Business Wire

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