Fire Emblem Fates’ Special Edition is Getting Restocked in Australia and New Zealand


Fire Emblem Fates released in Japan last year, and Americans received the title back in February, but fans in PAL regions won’t get it until late May. Australia and New Zealand are included in that region, but Nintendo is giving fans in the land down under a special gift. Preorders for the game’s special edition, which comes with all three paths—Birthright, Conquest, and early access to the otherwise DLC-only Revelation—have already sold out, but Nintendo has now promised a second round of preorders for them. No word was given on when these preorders will open, and there’s no telling if the PAL regions in Europe will see a restock, but we’ll keep you informed if we learn more.

Our Verdict

Following a strong response to the announcement of the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition which launches May 21, the…

Posted by Nintendo on Sunday, March 20, 2016



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