Fire Emblem Fates CastIn Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ effort to provide Fire Emblem Fates with a stronger, more complex story, they used the talent of Yukinori Kitajima to help in building the third storyline, Invisible Kingdom.

On top of writing
Invisible Kingdom, Kitajima also worked on Fire Emblem Fates with his scriptwriting team, Synthese. Synthese has worked on well-known games such as Senran Kagura and the more recent Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Intelligent Systems hired Synthese to write the support conversations between characters, essentially the life-blood for Fire Emblem games, for all three branches of the story.

Fire Emblem Fates released in Japan as Fire Emblem If on June 25th with Birthright/Conquest, and Invisible Kingdom was released in Japan on July 9th as DLC. The release date for other audiences is still up in the air, though the tentative date is sometime in 2016.

Who else is excited to play
Fire Emblem Fates? What do you think about them having separate groups write each story? Sound off below!

Source: Siliconera

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