According to Fire Emblem If developers Yokota Kenki and Maeda Kouhe, some characters will be able to use a new ability to alter the map during battle.

This ability, called “Dragon Pulse”, will allow the avatar, Aqua (the blue-haired dancer), and eight other characters to alter the terrain of the battlefield. According to Kenki, characters can use this “special power of Dragons” to transform deserts into grassy plains, draw water from oceans, and more. Kouhe also added that not all characters with this ability will be controlled by the user; certain enemy units will also have access to this power.

Here are the developers’ full quotations:

Yokota: Dragon Pulse is a special power of Dragons that serves as a map gimmick. It is put to use by the Main Character and Aqua, as well as 8 different characters between the two kingdoms. It changes the map in various ways, such as transforming deserts to grassy plains, or drawing water from the sea.

Maeda: Depending on the timing of Dragon Pulse, it can provide a serious advantage or disadvantage. We hope players implement this in their various strategies. Also, it is not just the player who uses the power of dragons, the enemy will have units who are able to utilize this too in their own strategies.

Source: Famitsu (via Kantopia)

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