Earlier this week IGN fired Nintendo Editor Filip Miucin after first removing “his” review of Dead Cells due to allegations of plagiarism. IGN conducted an internal investigation, and they determined that the accusations were credible and that Miucin had stolen numerous lines from a review by Boomstick Gaming. Miucin has now released a response video to address the situation, and he delivers something of a mixed message.

Miucin apologizes to IGN for the criticism they’ve taken on his account and to developer Motion Twin for the controversy. He notably does not apologize to Boomstick Gaming for stealing from his review, instead choosing to give him words of encouragement for his channel. He claims that he takes “responsibility” for the incident, but he doesn’t admit any intentional wrongdoing. He seems to be arguing that his plagiarism was an accident caused by him doing an extensive amount of “research,” which includes watching other peoples’ reviews.

Additionally, he takes the time to accuse Kotaku’s Jason Schreier of “kicking people when they’re down” and “trying to get as many clicks off of my name right now as possible” because Schrier accused him of plagiarizing lines from Chris Scullion’s FIFA 18 review at Nintendo Life in Kotaku’s coverage of the Dead Cells incident.

Frankly, we’re not buying Miucin’s innocence. There were far too many examples of near-identical lines in the two Dead Cells reviews for it to be entirely accidental. Based on Schreier’s comparisons, at least one line in the FIFA 18 review is a little too close to Nintendo Life for comfort as well. Chris Scullion isn’t buying it either, and he’s planning to address the alleged plagiarism of his article in more detail at a later time.

If you’d like to watch Miucin’s non-apology to Boomstick Gaming, you can do so here.

Update: Scullion has posted his video comparing the two reviews, and you can watch it here.

Ben Lamoreux


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