1. I remember having like 4-5 copies of this game a years ago. They were selling for like $100 a pop back then….

  2. I think Bloodborne Wins actually.

  3. We all know bloodborne wins this one 😉

  4. I counter with “Buttborne”

  5. Reminder that xenoblade chronicles definitive edition is coming out on switch in 2020 and that I’m REALLY FEELING IT, also YOU CAN’T HAVE A RAINBOW WITHOUT REYN BABY. Now I’m just gonna have to press on and on and on until it comes out

  6. They’re holding it wrong, it hurts to look at

  7. I played this game for like 700 hours and still didn’t beat it. The Wii’s graphics were being tested pretty heavily and I think it came out great.

  8. Get your fingers off the back!!!!

  9. Bloodhound Gangs’ “Hooray For Boobies” album has it beat..

  10. Looks like everyone owns Onechanbara. Even me.

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