It took a little while, but the fine folks over at Smash Boards have finally determined the patch notes of the latest Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U update. This might very well be the last patch this game is ever going to get, so that makes these changes all the more important. Especially Marth, Lucina, Falco, and Charizard have received considerable changes, so if you main any of them, be sure to pay attention to what has changed. The people at Smash Boards are 99% sure about the notes, so that means that these are susceptible to tiny revisions but are unlikely to see any big changes.

Most of the changes are tweaks to the invincibility frames and hitboxes; however, if we take Marth and Lucina for example, we can see that they are also buffed in terms of the damage of their air attacks. Another character who has received quite some boosts when it comes to damage is Little Mac, since all of his smash attacks were made stronger. Buffs do not only concern damage, as seen in Roy’s changes: the landing lag of all his air attacks has been reduced, and his side special is also a little quicker. Finally there are Charizard and Falco, whose upward smashes have been upgraded in terms of hitboxes. Of course, there were also some nerfs – for example, Bowser’s killer upwards throw has considerably increased in knockback growth, meaning that even though he technically has a more powerful throw, he can’t follow it up with a killer combo anymore.

If you want to read the exact patch notes for each character, you can check out the source.

Do you want Nintendo to continue patching Smash Bros.? Or do you think that they should stop patching now that all the DLC has come out? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Smash Boards

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