It’s been a rough week for avid fans of Grand Theft Auto, with Target and Kmart removing Grand Theft Auto V from Australian stores because of alleged sexist content. Fans have been doing whatever they can to get their prized game back into stores.

Their attempts have ranged from a massive public outcry, to a petition for Target calling for the removal of the Bible because of its misogynist content; the petition uses very similar logic and wording compared to the original one that saw the game pulled from stores in the first place.

The amount of support from GTA fans has been massive, but Target AU corporate affairs manager Jim Cooper made this statement on Wednesday:

“We’ve been speaking to many customers over recent days about the game, and there is a significant level of concern about the game’s content. We’ve also had customer feedback in support of us selling the game, and we respect their perspective on the issue. However, we feel the decision to stop selling GTA5 is in line with the majority view of our customers.” — Jim Cooper

With the original petition drawing over 48,000 supporters, the Bible petition has gathered over 44,000 supporters in a fraction of the time it took the original to get the same number.

While it’s obvious that the petition to remove the Bible doesn’t truly want to have the religious book removed, the strong numbers behind it are definitely going to force Target to think on their decisions to take the game off the shelves, with the thought of actually removing the Bible from the shelves being a really bad idea. However, one should keep in mind that Target doesn’t sell the Bible much.

Grand Theft Auto V holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest selling piece of entertainment of all time, outselling any movie, television show, or music album ever released. A massive hit for Target to take if they continue their embargo on the game.

What do you think about the game’s removal? Do you think this symbolic petition will do anything to help Target put the game back on shelves? Tell us in the comments!

Source: DailyMail

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