Apparently, one of the downsides of PC gaming is not having a controller (I wouldn’t know, I’m just a console and handheld gamer myself). Using a keyboard and mouse is just so blah, right? Oh, and I don’t have a Xbox 360, so why buy a controller for the system just to use on my PC if I can get my Wii U Pro Controller to work, right? Apparently some of the folks over at agree.

They recommend following these instructions, originally used for mapping a Wii Remote Plus to PC. Reportedly, community members TeHaxor69 and Daku93 are working to make the Pro Controller usable via the Windows Bluetooth Manager. So far, they’ve gotten the buttons mapped and the rumble functioning, but analogs are stumping them. Here are some of their thoughts:

“What I’m currently working on, is getting the Pro controller to be recognized as a XBox Gamepad, so you can also use the analogs as analogs and not just as buttons. I hope to have something finished as soon as next week, but I can’t promise anything since I’m not very experienced in writing C++ code, which I need to do to accomplish this.” – TeHaxor69

What do you think? Would you like to use your Pro Controller on your PC? Sound off in the comments!

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