GameStop President Tony Bartel recently stated that only about 40% of people know that GameStop accepts trade-ins. Moving forward, the company is looking for a way to rectify this and become more profitable as a result. The first step is changing the way they do trade-ins. Starting on August 18, GameStop will launch a new, simpler way of handling trade-ins that will net customers more money. Additionally, GameStop is also instructing its employees on new ways to talk to customers in order to alert them to the fact that they can sell their used games to the store.

GameStop is simplifying its trade-in policies by adding less variables into determining how much money you’ll receive for your games. Here’s a small chart explaining the change.

According to GameStop documents, this change in format will allow the company to give you more money for your games. GameStop claims that the value of the average game trade-in will go up by 20% on August 18. Additionally, another GameStop document explains how employees are supposed to interact with customers going forward, replacing the phrase “trade in” with words like “buy” and “sell” to ensure that more customers understand they can sell their used games.

How do I talk about this with the customer?

The key point for this to work is the team member knowing what to say and how it resonates with the customer.

Piggy backing on how you engage a customer about the change use the following as possible talking points during the greet, floor or cash wrap touch points.

Then the team member says- “have you heard that cash isn’t the only way to pay here at GameStop?” More than likely the customer will look puzzled and then the team members say- “When is the last time you sold us anything?” Or “when is the last time we bought anything from you?” This is the opportunity to educate the customer that their items sitting at home are worth currency that can be spent in your store. Keep in mind that 2/3 of our customers don’t understand what “Trade In” means.

The main opportunity is to have the customer leave with the last thing on their mind being that what they have at home, sitting around possibly collecting dust is worth currency-VALUE- in our stores. During the last interaction either on the floor or at the cash wrap, the team member needs to say- “Thank you for coming in today, don’t forget that cash isn’t the only way to pay.” If the customer paid with a credit card they will more than likely look and ask what? The team member responds with “when is the last time we bought some of your items?” Or “when is the last time you sold us something?” Getting the customer to remember the last thing they hear from your team member is that what they have at home can be used as currency to buy goods in your store is the biggest take away.

I’m all for simplifying GameStop’s elaborate system and getting more cash for my games, so hopefully this new process is smoother and better for the customer. We’ll find out when it launches in about two weeks.

Source: Kotaku

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