With E3 looming around the corner, speculation about potential console announcement and VR news is slowly building and GameStop talked about their own expectations in their latest financial conference call. CEO Paul Raines started the conference call by stating that GameStop is “excited” about E3, and they hope to hear major news about virtual reality and new consoles. Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel echoed Raines’ message, stating that he expects to see a lot of focus on “key titles” and console announcements.

 “We expect E3 to focus on key titles in the back of the year, and console announcements. We also expect VR to generate significant consumer and press interest. As discussed at investor day, we expect to be the prominent VR partner for launch headsets to the gaming population as we leverage our proprietary power-up rewards relationship and opur buy/sell/trade model.” — Tony Bartel

With rumors swirling about potential “slimmer” versions of current consoles and even entirely new consoles appearing at E3, it’s no surprise that GameStop expects to hear major news of that kind at the biggest gaming event of the year. Considering that video game companies generally have close relationships with their retailers, they probably know more than we do. What do you hope to see at this year’s E3? Sound off below!

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