Looks like it is a great time to be a GameStop manager. As everyone who knows anything about video games knows, this holiday season marks the launch of two next generation consoles: the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. These consoles will change the industry for sure, and many people are clamoring for their release, particularly people who do things like work at GameStop. At this year’s GameStop EXPO, which is ongoing in Las Vegas, GameStop announced that all GameStop managers will be receiving a PlayStation 4, six PlayStation 4 titles, one PlayStation 3 title, and an Xbox One at their launches (there is no word on any Xbox One games bundle with this as of yet).

All of this information was confirmed by Joystiq, who got in touch with GameStop for details. According to Joystiq, the Sony games that are coming as a part of this are Killzone: Shadowfall, NBA 2K14, Madden, FIFA 14, Need for Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4, and Beyond: Two Souls. When asked to clarify the situation, as Beyond: Two Souls is only slated for PlayStation 3, a GameStop spokesperson said “Beyond is for PS3, all others are for PS4. Some are physical and some are digital vouchers.” This looks like a great deal for GameStop general managers who, I’m sure, are more than excited about this next generation.

Source: Joystiq

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