GameStop is one of the biggest names in video game retail, and soon they’ll also be a video game publisher. Back in January, we learned that GameStop struck a deal to publish Insomniac’s latest game, Song of the Deep, and more recently GameStop announced that they’ve teamed up with three more developers and will publish their future games as well.

Song of the Deep will be released digitally on multiple platforms, but when it comes to a physical release, it will be exclusive to GameStop. However, there are many countries where GameStop isn’t nearly as prevalent as it is in the US, or where there are no GameStop locations at all. Speaking with MCV, GameStop’s Mark Stanley revealed that the company is open to teaming up with partners to sell their games internationally.

“We are completely open to that. We don’t quite have a cookie cutter model of this or that. In countries where we do have GameStop stores we do want to keep that exclusivity for our customers, but we have actually been in conversations with numerous different partners in other regions of the world where we don’t have presence, like Asia and Latin America for example, where there are big gaming communities to try and reach both digitally and through physical stores.”
— Mark Stanley

If you live in countries like the US where GameStop has a strong presence, you can expect GameStop-published games to be exclusive to those stores. Hopefully these titles won’t be terribly hard to come by in other regions.

Source: MCV UK

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