Nintendo and Universal Studios have been working together for a year and a half now on plans to create theme park attractions based on Nintendo IP. The two companies shared details about their vision for the project last month, and they recently released official concept art for the theme park in Japan and revealed its name to be Super Nintendo World.

While they only have one image to work with, GameXplain has wasted no time putting together an analysis and speculation video to give us some ideas of what we can expect from Super Nintendo World. As they point out, theme park concept art for attractions like Cars Land, Diagon Alley, and the work-in-progress Avatar Land closely resemble the real thing.

With that in mind, GameXplain’s latest video takes a close look at everything we can see in the concept art, putting forward ideas for possible attractions. Could Peach’s Castle house a Mario Kart attraction like the one hinted at in recent patents? Does that mountain contain a Yoshi ride of some kind? You can listen to all of their theories by clicking above!

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