Ever want to get your foot in the door of the video game journalism industry? Want a chance to see your work appear to thousands of gamers every day and have a chance to grow your craft? Do you have a burning passion for gaming and a love to put your own thoughts into words? Well then, a volunteer position at Gamnesia and/or Zelda Informer may be right up your alley. We are looking for dedicated, passionate, and active daily news writers to help us cover everything from Zelda to the entire girth of the video game industry.

Specifically, we need people who can create news content daily between the hours of 6AM to 5PM CST. I know that’s a rather large time slot, but that just means we are looking for a few passionate gamers to fill the remains of our roster. Are you only interested in Zelda? That’s fine, as our Zelda Informer hub can always use people covering fan works and the occasional real news item every day. Interested in the Wii U, 3DS, Microsoft, Sony, or even the PC? That’s great too, because our most pressing needs reside here at Gamnesia.

The fact remains that quality volunteer staff are hard to
find, and as such we are truly looking for only the most dedicated and
well versed people we can—people who have free time to give every
day and who completely enjoy keep up on everything going on in the
industry. Of course, all volunteer staff have the ability to eventually
work their way up to a paid position in a one to two year window, but
nothing is guarenteed in this world. All we know is: We want the best, most passionate, workers to help us make a real impact and
difference in this medium.

Heard enough? Think you have what it takes? Ship us off an email to [email protected]
with your name, age, experience, availability, and of course the main
reasons why we should choose you to join our elite ranks (I know, it’s an
overused term).

Our Verdict

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
I am the current Editor-in-Chief of Zelda Informer and have been running the show here since July 16th, 2008. I've actually been running Zelda Fan sites since 1998, so I've been in this "industry" for roughly 16 years. I'm 28 years old and have two kids, one biological, the other more of a step daughter (not legally yet, but practically). I live with my girlfriend and our two kids (Aiden, age 1 and half, Melody age 3 and half). I'm attending college to create video games web applications, and I naturally love Nintendo (I run a Zeld a website after all!). For those curious, I currently own a Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and a gaming PC (and a gaming capable laptop too!). I do plan to eventually get a PlayStation 4, likely when more comes out I am interested in playing on the system. I do play the Wii U more than any other system I own.


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