1. I have 0 context for this but I say fill it with tobacco just cause it annoys people

  2. Niche Gamer and Censored Gaming says otherwise. Everybody’s so sensitive these days. Might as well make them vape. Appeal to the crowd.

  3. I genuinely don’t like smoking in pretty much anyway. I think it’s a pretty disgusting habit. But I think this is an overreaction.

  4. If the game has a mature rating it shouldn’t matter.

  5. No one is annoys that it has tabbacco but majority of the people are pissed cause they removed it hahaha

  6. It is a fucking M rated game!

  7. Damn thought removing Graves cigar was stupid..years later it continues

  8. GoW doesn’t need to be censored because somebody said they don’t like smoking.

  9. It’s an m-rated fucking game

  10. Has an entire series based on ultraviolence and gore and death and doesn’t shy away from showing it all but hides an image of someone smoking… gee that makes sense.

  11. An overreaction from both sides.

  12. I dunno it seems worth a study to see wether or not seeing that kind of imagery in games actually makes you more likely to do it. Seems plausible at least…

  13. While I’m against smoking personally, bowing down to literally everything offensive is friggin stupid.

    They’re video game characters. Only plot will give them lung cancer.

  14. Extreme close-ups of people being chainsawed in half?

    Still in.

  15. I swear if they remove Captain Prices cigar in the next COD because of this I’m gonna be slightly butt hurt.

  16. I think smokers are some of the most entitled people, but this is an overreaction, especially in response to “truth”. If being gay went back into public disfavor, then I’d expect a truth PSA saying smoking turns you gay.

  17. Gears should be on the Switch; Nintendo is mature enough now. Just look at all the sexualized games not being censored, against Sony’s new standard.

  18. I detest smoking but I honestly don’t give a fuck. If they’re going to do that they should make the character stop smoking because he developed a condition of some sorts not just because.

  19. Smoking adds to the image of the protagonist dealing with their experiences in a way that alot of other adults can relate to.

    I’m not playing the high school adventures of Adam as he defines himself so why take away an aesthetic which has been seen in a ton of images of characters going through adversity and passing around a pack as a way to stay sane.

    I’m already bent that Cid is losing his cigarettes and its been said for years but if a teenagers smoking then why not talk to his parents instead of blaming games that probably weren’t designed for his age anyway. It’s on parents.

  20. Ok this smoking thing going to far. Kids will more likely see and smell from every direction

  21. No because it’s badasses who smoke knowing it’ll be their last.
    In reality, it’s just losers.

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