This year, the Video Game Awards on Spike TV was replaced by The Game Awards, which aired last Friday. The Game Awards was well-received, reaching a grand total of 1.93 million people tuned in to The Game Awards. This amounts to a seventy-five percent increase in viewership over the Video Game Awards from 2013. According to Sysmos, a company specializing in social media monitoring, the show also had a ninety-six percent favorable sentiment. Geoff Keighley, host and producer of The Game Awards, has expressed a general happiness with how things went.

In an interview with Polygon, Keighley was excited about the results of the show, given some constraints leading up to and during it:

“I am absolutely stunned by the results. We didn’t have any marketing budget or TV spots for the show. I’m used to having a lot of support resources — a promotional team, a digital media team, a PR team. All we had was the support of the game publishers and fans to spread the word and on social media.

It’s empowering that we as a community can get the word out virally about a show like this. I always knew the show would get a better critical response from the community, but in many ways I was making a more serious show that risked not having as much mainstream appeal. That’s why Kiefer Sutherland, Conan O’Brien, Trey Parker and Imagine Dragons were such important bookings. All of them truly love games and came to celebrate our medium.

I was really happy with how things turned out. Certainly the audience numbers were well beyond my wildest dreams, and creatively I’m proud of what we put on the screen. Moments like the tribute to Ken and Roberta Williams and the Koji Kondo/Imagine Dragons performance were once in a lifetime experiences.”
— Geoff Keighley

Keighley admits there were problems, however. There were awards that were presented off-stage and numerous audio glitches. Keighley also states that plans for 2015 are currently uncertain, but remains optimistic:

“I’m not sure what the plan will be for 2015, that’s something I need to discuss with the advisory board in the coming weeks. No decision yet on location or if it would link in to a fan event, although personally I’d love to see all the platforms activate for their fans around the show.

“I’d definitely like to see it continue on if publishers and fans want to keep it going. But yeah, no idea what shape it will take.”
— Geoff Keighley

All in all though, for a first time show, it wasn’t bad. Did you watch The Game Awards? If so, what did you think?

Source: Polygon

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