Geoff Keighley originally revealed No Man’s Sky during VGX back in 2013, but he has recently been silent about the game despite all of the criticism it’s faced since launch. That silence was finally broken this past weekend on his new show “LIVE With YouTube Gaming,” where he explained his lack of comments on the game, sharing that he has been “internally conflicted about what I saw happening.” He went on to discuss how he feels the game’s release could have been handled better.

When it came to the release of No Man’s Sky, Keighley urged developer Sean Murray to put the game out on Early Access to gather feedback from fans before an actual launch. That way, the team could have built over time with the community to create something more like Murray’s vision for the game. Murray was reluctant to reveal what would actually be in the game, however, and he wanted to believe in his creation so much that he began to disrespect his audience to, in Keighley’s words, “preserve the promise and mystery of his game.”

Keighley doesn’t feel that No Man’s Sky is a bad game though; the game is simply repetitive and unfinished because it is a universe designed by a mathematical formula. Math can give the world shape and a skeleton, but it cannot always give a game the depth and content that is present when talented story-tellers and big teams take the helm.

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Source: VG 24/7

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