2018 is coming to a close real soon, but not without a Christmas miracle from the team behind Sonic Mania Adventures! The animated miniseries tie-in for Sonic Mania Plus wrapped up back in July, with Part 5 ending with a climactic showdown between Team Sonic and Doctor Eggman for the Master Emerald. Once again, it’s back to the drawing board for the nefarious Doctor after suffering yet another humiliating loss to his blue nemesis, so who is left to turn things around for him this holiday season?

Tune in to Part 6 of Neko Productions’ Sonic Mania Adventures, “From A. Rose,” above, and share your thoughts on this surprise Christmas special with us below!

Our Verdict


Jeffrey McDonell
Jeffrey is a writer for Gamnesia and The Sonic Stadium, and a pianist obsessed with video game music. Loves all things Nintendo to a fault, and enjoys long walks on the Green Hill Zone. Pretty much Gamnesia's resident Sonic fan, my dude.


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