IGN was teasing new Sonic Lost World footage earlier this week, and boy oh boy have the delivered.

The website has released a new look into the game, showing off three levels of the Wii U version of the game with full commentary. The 3DS counterparts to these levels have also been revealed, but with no voices narrating the scene.

The levels rotate 360 degrees in this game, opening up dozens of new pathways in every level. Updated controls allow players to send Sonic running seamlessly through a controlled platforming space. The parkour mechanics of the game are also shown off, with the blue blur hopping between walls and collecting hundreds of rings.

The words I’m saying may be a bit confusing, so it may be best to scroll up and watch the videos.

What do you think of Super Sonic Galax Sonic Lost World? The game will show up at E3 next week. Stay tuned to Gamnesia as more details come in on the game!

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