Sony Santa Monica recently took a bold step by launching a completely overhauled new iteration of
God of War. The self-titled PlayStation exclusive has new setting, story, and gameplay, and that gamble resulted in the highest review scores in franchise history. After achieving new heights in the realm of games, is it time for God of War to take its memorable story to TV?

Rumors of a Netflix adaptation of
God of War spread following a (fake) Facebook reveal which claimed the series would debut on July 15th with Jason Momoa starring as Kratos. It was quickly debunked, but that doesn’t mean the idea is lacking in merit. Game director Cory Barlog caught wind of the rumor, and it seems he’s quite keen on the idea. Tagging Netflix on Twitter, Balrog suggested that the two companies “do something about that.”

Would you like to see Kratos starring in a TV show or movie, or is he better left to games? Sound off in the comments below!

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