Does your computer run on Windows? Does it run on OSX? If you answer
to both of these questions is no, then congratulations, you are probably
a user of a Linux OS! Before you grab your confetti and phonebooks,
however, you should consider that you don’t really have many games to
play. Valve is making a concerted effort with their Linux-based SteamOS
to bring more gaming goodness to this underdog operating system, but
that is just the first step on a long journey.

recently announced that they are bringing over 100 of their games to
Linux in the future. Does this mean tomorrow, next week, or 2028? We
don’t know, but spending less time in WINE is always a good thing. As of
now, though, you should probably go to’s website (one guess
what their URL is) and register an account. You get some free games to
start off with, there are a lot of Steam-style sales, and there is a
high chance that you’ll find some stuff that you’ve always wanted.

If you glance below, you’ll find the comments section in which you can section comments. Er…

Source: PC Gamer

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