Video games based on movies and other licensed media are often cheap, mediocre cash grabs, but every now and then a licensed game truly delivers. GoldenEye 007 serves as a shining example of these rare licensed gems, providing countless hours of entertainment to Nintendo fans in the late ’90s. Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond is the star of the once-popular shooter, but he wasn’t always planned as the only playable Bond.

Speaking with MCV,
GoldenEye 007 Director Martin Hollis revealed that the game once featured four different playable takes on James Bond. These alternate Bonds would have been playable both in single player and multiplayer modes, giving players lots of options.

“About halfway through development, we had four Bonds in the game. We had Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. You could play as all those different Bonds in single player, but also in the multiplayer mode.

“So you could have four friends [playing as] the four different Bonds, which was awesome. Because, everyone has an opinion about who the best Bond is. And it’s a very matey moment. So that’s great, but then Nintendo let us know we couldn’t have the four Bonds in, for legal reasons.

“We were very disappointed and chose to see them off with one last game, with the four of us on the team, who were very key in the multiplayer. We chose one Bond each, and we said goodbye to them with a match of first to a hundred kills.”
— Martin Hollis

Unfortunately, it sounds like getting the rights to feature four different versions of James Bond in a game in 1997 was harder than anticipated, and the idea had to be scrapped. Poor Lazenby was never even considered for inclusion in the first place!

Source: MCV

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