One of the important features of the immensely popular GoldenEye 007 was having multiple mission objectives. Getting from the start of the level to the end of the level alone wasn’t enough to complete the mission, as there were tasks to perform along the way, and increasing the difficulty could also add new mission objectives, giving levels more replay value.

This system, as it turns out, was inspired by
Super Mario 64. Nintendo’s first 3D Mario adventure features lots of different playable worlds, each with different objectives required in order to collect stars. This groundbreaking game came out during the development cycle of GoldenEye 007, and (along with other classic Nintendo games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) it served as inspiration for some of the mechanics that Rare put into the game.

“I studiously tried to learn what Nintendo was. I played [Zelda] Link to the Past from beginning to end – I got all the hearts and all but two of the quarter hearts. I could write a thousand pages about that game. Then Mario 64 came out during the development of GoldenEye and we were clearly influenced by that game. Ours was much more open as a result.”
— Game Director Martin Hollis

Super Mario 64 has influenced countless games and developers, and as this story shows, even games in completely different genres were able to learn from its gameplay mechanics.

Source: The Guardian

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