Calling Grand Theft Auto V a success would be one of the biggest understatements possible in the video game industry. Rockstar’s latest iteration on the popular open world franchise has been on the market for nearly five years, and it’s still consistently among the top sellers each month in many countries, and especially in the United States.

As it continues to sell by the millions years after launch, Grand Theft Auto V is coming up on a major milestone at lightning speed. According to publisher Take-Two Interactive’s latest earnings report, Grand Theft Auto V has now sold an incredible 95 million copies worldwide. Comparing that figure to the number cited in the previous earnings call shows that it’s sold another 5 million copies just in the last three months alone.

If Grand Theft Auto V can continue this blistering pace, it’ll eclipse the 100 million mark this Summer. It’s currently listed as the third highest-selling video game of all time, trailing only Minecraft and Tetris.

Source: PC Gamer

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