The cartoon masterpiece Gravity Falls may have concluded last month, but series creator Alex Hirsch has stayed active on the web via his witty tweets; you’ve probably seen his recent drawings of presidential Pokémon by now. Yesterday, Hirsch and Gravity Falls director Matt Braly each tweeted a picture of themselves by a Sonic the Hedgehog statue at what appears to be the SEGA of America HQ. When a fan asked if he is involved with a 25th anniversary Sonic title, Hirsch responded, “I cannot confirm any rumors.”

While we should take this with several grains of salt for now, any Gravity Falls fan knows Alex Hirsch loves to keep things mysterious—so why not speculate just a bit? Hirsch is certainly a gifted writer, artist, and voice actor (many of the voices in Gravity Falls are his own), so having him on board in any way would be an excellent addition to Sonic‘s production value. It may also be that the man is simply showing off his wacky nerd cred—not that he needs to so soon after drawing Donald Trump as a Muk.

Do you think Hirsch and SEGA have any surprises in store? Share your thoughts below!

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