Along with getting some kick ass new forms, it seems that the two legendaries of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be getting some new moves as well. Unfortunately, there is little information on what types of moves they will be, but keep an eye out here for updates! Primal Groudon and Kyogre were not the only things to be excited about, though. In the new ORAS trailer, there are depictions of diving, contests, and even just seeing Pokémon in the wild!

You might see, for example, a Pokémon’s tail, leg, paw, etc. You can then approach the Pokémon and do battle with it — a feature that is both adorable and brilliant! The animations look gorgeous, as expected, and so do contests! A beautiful Mega Altaria is a sight to be seen, and racks up points from the viewers as well. Contests will be so exciting to do in these re-vamped games!

What is your favorite new feature in these nostalgic remakes?

Source: Serebii via GoNintendo

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Mariah Beem
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