Time to start pinching your virtual pennies and committing as many crimes as possible, because the free
Ill Gotten Gains expansion for
Grand Theft Auto V is now live. With new planes, cars, guns, and clothes, this update brings a taste of the high-life to every player.

For starters, you can get your hands on four megacars: The Pegassi Osiris, Albany Virgo, Benefactor Striling GT, and the Enus Windsor. Other additions include a patch for minor improvements, a new gun, hundreds of new clothes, and a pair of deluxe jets.

The deluxe jets come with added airborne abilities. You can surf the web, smoke cigars, and have a glass of champagne, all while cruising over beautiful Los Santos.

As many of these new items are high-ticket, Rockstar is encouraging a great deal of online play over the weekend. Until Sunday night, you can earn double the cash in adversary modes. Apartments with high list prices are also on sale this weekend for 25% off.

Source: PC Gamer

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