There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Nintendo Switch hacking in recent months, with Nintendo cracking down hard and passing out bans to Homebrew community members and Splatoon 2 hackers. Of course, that doesn’t stop hackers and pirates from doing their thing. However, when you’re downloading software that lets you pirate Switch games, the creators really want to make sure you pay them instead of pirating it.

In a beautifully hypocritical situation, modding group Team Xecutor is taking Nintendo-like steps to protect their software from piracy. They are currently selling a download called SX OS that allows you to run pirated software on Switch, or, as they put it, “backed up” versions of games you already have. However, it’s also possible to find and download SX OS itself without ever paying Xecutor a dime.

Team Xecutor is opposed to the idea of paid software being used for free (you know, in this instance) so they’ve designed it to soft brick your console if it detects you using their program without a valid license. It’s possible to make your console work again after this, but it’s not an easy process. Team Xecutor calls this soft bricking “a harmless cat-and-mouse game” to test the skill of those using their program.

Source: The Verge

Ben Lamoreux


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