Halo 5‘s second free expansion this month, titled “Hog Wild,” is now live and free for all Xbox One owners. The DLC pack features new Warthogs, armor sets, Reqs, and a weapon scope, though no new multiplayer maps are included.

Following up the Memories of Reach DLC pack that was released earlier this month, Hog Wild features a slimmer offering than the first addition, but there’s still plenty to be excited about. On display here are four new Warthogs, a slew of new armor sets, armor tags, and some original takes on familiar
Halo weaponry.

Hog Wild was originally intended to release with more substantial items, but 343 Industries has stated “more time [was needed] for finishing touches and polish.” Those items will now be releasing in the Warzone Firefight DLC, set to release this June, an offering that 343 states will be the game’s largest to date.

Halo 5 has seen no shortage of new content since its September release last year, with Hog Wild bringing the total of expansions up to six. Will you be downloading Hog Wild? Sound off in the comments.

Source: GameSpot

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