Just the other day, Nintendo released a video giving away some information about the Nintendo World Championships event at this year’s E3. The video revealed all of the specially-invited participants, the commentators, and the host. Now, Nintendo has just announced all of the winners of the Best Buy qualifying rounds. These lucky gamers will soon be testing their skills against professional speedrunners and YouTube personalities.

The gallery of official images below showcases each winner and gives us a bit of information on them and their history with Nintendo. I’m excited to see how these gamers will stack up against the rest of the group. Who knows? Maybe there will be some crazy upsets.

The Nintendo World Championships live stream will begin with a Nintendo Treehouse pre-show at 2:35pm PT on June 14th. The actual event will start at about 3:00pm PT, so be sure to tune in!

Are you excited for the championships? Are any of these awesome players from your hometown? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo’s Official Facebook Page

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