Nintendo has released details regarding the first phase of the DLC expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Still slated for a summer release date, the new content will feature extra challenges including a hard mode, a more convenient fast travel option, and new accessories for Link to wear.

One of the additional challenges is called the Trial of the Sword. In this ordeal, the player will control Link through about 45 rounds of battling enemies. At first, Link will start off with no equipment or weapons, so players will have to fight their way on through on pure skill alone. This challenge will be unlocked when players reach the area in which the Master Sword is kept, and completing it allegedly unlocks the sword’s “true power.”

Hard Mode is also being added to
Breath of the Wild, but it is not the same as Hero Mode, which has appeared in past Zelda games since Skyward Sword. Instead, all enemies in the world will be at one level higher than they usually would be. For instance, Red Bokoblins in Normal Mode will be Blue Bokoblins in Hard Mode, and so on. This also means the level cap has increased for some enemies, making for an overall more difficult time in Hyrule. Enemies will also regain health naturally during battle, so it will be best to dispatch of foes quickly. In this Hard Mode, enemies and treasure chests can even fall out of the sky.

More armor sets will also be unlocked and scattered in eight chests throughout Hyrule. The new armor will feature callbacks to previous
Zelda games, as evidenced by the Phantom Armor set (referencing the Phantoms from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks), Tingle’s Outfit, Majora’s Mask, and Midna’s Helmet.

Another callback, and perhaps the cutest of them all, will present itself in the Korok Mask, styled after everyone’s favorite Forest Haven violin player Makar from
The Wind Waker. The mask will be more than just for show, however. It will be able to sense the location of Korok seeds dispersed throughout the land; the Korok Mask will shake whenever Link is near a Korok seed he has yet to find. This should make 100% completion a more attainable goal for many players who have yet to find all of seeds scattered through Hyrule.

Traveling through the massive world in
Breath of the Wild will also be made easier due to a new item called the Travel Medallion. After finding this in a treasure chest, Link will be able to register his current location as a fast travel point on the map. Only one of these spots will be able to be registered at once.

Rounding out the additions that we know of for the first pack of DLC, Hero’s Path Mode will let players keep track of where exactly they have traveled for the past 200 hours of gameplay. This will let anyone see patterns in where they have or have not visited, as anyone will be able to use a time tracker bar at the bottom of the map to see where they went and when. This will be retroactive as well, meaning players who bought the game on Day One can still take advantage of the feature to see their path from the beginning of the game (up to 200 hours, of course).

There seem to be quite a few additions to
Breath of the Wild in this first round of DLC. The second round, which is said to include more story content and a new dungeon, is slated for release in the holiday season. Now that we know more of what to expect from the first Zelda DLC, are you more likely to pick it up? Or are you stoked because you have already signed on for this $20 expansion? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to talk about what else you would like to see added in Breath of the Wild.

Source: Nintendo

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