Fire Emblem Fates already came out in Japan earlier this summer, and it is set to release in the US next year. Unlike previous games in the series, this title is releasing as two distinct versions (in most territories, at least), each set to appeal to a different method of play. While we still have a while to wait until we experience the differences ourselves, Kotaku has provided a thorough list of the changes beyond story elements between the Birthright and Conquest.

Among these differences are character and job class exclusivity. There are 26 characters who can only be utilized in
Conquest, and 27 only available in Birthright. Some of these individuals have job classes unique to their character and are therefore unattainable in the opposite version of the game. Of the exclusive characters, there is a bisexual male who can marry a male avatar in Conquest, and a bisexual female who can marry a female avatar in Birthright.

The My Castle feature of the game looks different in each version and supplies your army with different resources depending on your game. You can, however, obtain materials rare to your game by visiting a castle in the opposite title via Streetpass.

Levels are approached very differently in the two versions, as
Birthright allows for unlimited replayability of past stages in order to gain experience and resources, whereas Conquest limits the player. In Conquest, players are only able to play through 28 story missions, castle defense missions, and unlocked paralogues, severely reducing the amount of experience and materials available in a single playthrough.

The way in which players complete stages are very different between the two titles as well. In
Birthright, most missions can be completed by defeating all the opposing forces or their general. Conquest, on the other hand, features a wide variety of mission objectives in addition to these basic ones, including catching an enemy, winning within a time limit, breaking through enemy lines, and even defending a specific part of the map.

The third version of the
Fire Emblem Fates story, the Invisible Kingdom DLC, takes from both titles. It features 67 of Conquest and Birthright‘s 68 characters—as well as one who is exclusive to the DLC—a variety of mission objectives similar to those in Conquest, and the ability to replay old levels for experience and materials.

Do any of these differences help you determine which version you’ll be getting? Why do you prefer one over the other? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku

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