Ever since Microsoft’s E3 announcement a couple of weeks back about backwards compatibility, many fans have been wondering how the Xbox One plans to run all of their old Xbox 360 games. In an interview with
Giant Bomb‘s Jeff Gertsmann, Phil Spencer and Kudo Tsunoda answered exactly that question. Spencer mentions that the process was very difficult, but it was ultimately a worthwhile investment.

“[Emulating Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One] is hard, and it was our decision on the leadership team to make the investment…

“…The approach that we’ve taken is to actually emulate the full…Xbox 360 hardware layer. So the OS for the 360 is actually running when you run the game. And if you watch the games boot right now, you’ll see, actually, the Xbox 360 boot animation come up…

“…Live thinks you’re on 360…The 360 games think they’re running on the 360 OS, which they are, and the 360 OS thinks it’s running on the hardware, which it’s not. It’s running on an emulated VM. On the other side, the Xbox One thinks it’s a game. That’s why things like streaming and game DVR and screenshots all work… It thinks there’s one big game called ‘the 360.'”
— Phil Spencer

While the announcement may have come late for many fans who have already sold their Xbox 360 and games, I still think that it is a cool feature to add to the Xbox One. Perhaps the addition of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One will boost sales this Holiday season. What do you think about the backwards compatibility feature? Do you think it was a smart move? Let us know in the comments below!

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