Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, coming to the 3DS this year, has had new details released by 4Gamer regarding its companion characters. This new information includes screenshots from the game as well as some artwork.

The first of these characters is Joule, a spirit who served as Gunvolt’s companion in the original game. Joule has a more child-like appearance and bolder personality compared to the previous game and can assist Gunvolt by singing.

The next character, RoRo, serves as a guard, aid, and companion to the new playable character Copen. She guards him automatically from projectiles when his energy is full and acts like a sassy younger sister. She also has the ability to recreate the weapons—called Ex Weapons—of enemies that you have defeated, although doing so takes away energy and therefore disables her auto-guarding ability.

One of these Ex Weapons is a multi-hitting drill called the Tail Banker. Another is the Wide Circuit, which creates a laser attack that can be focused on one enemy or scattered for a wider reach. The third Ex Weapon to be revealed is the Spark Stellar, which fires electricity directly in front of Copen.

The game will also have an April 26th reveal event that includes discussions from the producers and actors, an appearance by Keiji Inafune, and a performance by Lumen.

Source: 4Gamer (via Go Nintendo)

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