Everyone’s getting geared up for the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, which is set to release right alongside the New 3DS XL on February 13th, and the list of improvements upon the original N64 game is still growing.

For starters, the bosses will be a bit different. You will now be able to see “strange eyes” behind the boss’s masks, which look like the eyes on Majora’s Mask and will function as a new weak-point when they’re stunned. There are also some additional changes to the masks the Link carries: the Garo’s Mask looks like the Garo Master’s mask now, and Link can swing Twinmold around by its tail and smash it into the ground while wearing the Giant Mask. Link can also shoot fully charged bubbles in a straight path while he’s wearing the Deku Mask.

Also, the Bomber Gang kids won’t be in the same places as they were in the original game, since most of us who’ve played the original game had their locations burned into our memories for all eternity, and the Bomber’s Notebook is now given to you by the Happy Mask Salesman. Character models have been improved, as expected, and run at 60 frames-per-second for smoother animations. The environment has also been somewhat remodeled, and there are new props and decorations throughout it. The Sheikah Stones from Ocarina of Time 3D have also been modified, and will now return and provide video hints to players.

As far as the new fishing features go, you’ll be able to participate in free fishing with a single-use fishing hole pass, choosing between a regular fishing rod or one with a sinking lure. New fishing hole locations have been added, with one by the shooting gallery outside of the southern swamp, and one in Great Bay. For taking pictures, the Pictobox has been revamped to have a touch screen button for taking multiple pictures.

As we noted before, saving has been revamped. Though you can’t quite save your game anywhere you please, there are now Feather Statues in addition to the Owl Statues, which can both be used to save. Owl Statues can also save permanently and no longer have to be hit with a sword to be activated. All you have to do it press the action button once you’re next to one and you can save your game. You’ll also be able to store up to three save files on each copy of the game.

The list of improvements keeps coming, but we’re still fleshing out the detail, and with less than a month left until the official release. Have you preordered your copy yet, and are you excited for all of these new improvements? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Hidden Triforce

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