The slew of gameplay videos continue, as Nintendo Treehouse Live chugs on, eager to showcase all of the new Nintendo games and ideas. This most recent demo footage showcases Donkey Kong and his abilities within Skylanders SuperChargers. There’s also some concept are that we’ve gotten from GoNintendo.

Both DK and Bowser Amiibo are being created for the new
Skylanders SuperChargers game. Both characters were chosen for their likeness to in-game characters, and their character designs led to better movesets. The video above shows off Turbo Charge DK and his vehicle: Barrel Blaster. He may attack enemies by slamming them with barrels, and his upgraded attack (a reference to Donkey Konga) drops a bongo, which stuns enemies. Once SuperCharged, his Barrel Blaster gains a sidecar with Diddy Kong to ride along. Some of DK’s upgrades include: making all barrels TNT, spiked barrels, and laser barrels.

Originally, DK’s barrels spawned bananas, but that was scrapped for some of the other ideas currently implemented. There was also a lot of
concept art revealed to show the different iterations DK has gone through until now. What do you think of Donkey Kong being in a Skylanders game? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3

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