What do you think of the next controller iteration?

Here’s the PS5 controller, complete with a big ol’ touchpad

A newly-surfaced Sony patent has given us our kinda-sorta first glimpse of the PlayStation 5 controller. Even with a side-by-side comparison, you'd be forgiven for mixing it up with the PS4's DualShock 4. The new design retains the same ov…


  1. They’re so bad at upgrading controllers…..

  2. Sticks still in the wrong place.

  3. Stick location will always suck and is not natural. Touchscreen is fine but they rarely use it in games. Without lightbar not sure how they will handle vr.

  4. Sticks still in the correct place.

  5. Why havent they adopted a hot swap feature for console controls. My left touch pad isnt where I want it. Let me remove it place it where the thumbstick used to be and swap the two. It could be so easy

  6. Ait so I’m just curious. Why a TouchPad. I have never played a game where the touch have been needed. Only the button itself. It just feels like a weird gimmick

  7. Why does it look like it’s reverting to separate input output jacks for headset also I assume it will be usb C

  8. Great so now replacements will be 200$.

  9. So its still a dualshock 4 controller but a dotted line illustration?

  10. It doesn’t look that much different from a DS4. Shouldn’t be too big of an adjustment

  11. That’s the ps4 controller

  12. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. The lack of a light bar could be an indicator there’s VR tech built into the controller that doesn’t rely on the camera to track it’s position.

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