Earlier today we reported that the Pokémon Trading Card Game is headed to iPad later this year. Thanks to an interview with Game Informer, we’ve got the scoop on some of the cool features for the game, including lots of options for viewing, sorting, and managing your cards, compatibility with the PC and Mac versions of the game, and more. It’s never been easier to duel with Pokémon cards, and soon you’ll be able to do it wherever you go. Here’s a list of details for the game and a portion of the interview with Andrew Finch, director of online products at The Pokémon Company.

  • Menus slide in and out of position
  • There’s a variety of filters and views for managing cards
  • Carousel view lets you quickly flip through cards
  • Devs working closely with the card creators
  • Devs get access to the same card files that go to the printers
  • They also have access to the stamps used for special foil cards
  • When these cards are used, they flash and shine
  • No firm release date yet, but due out this year

We set out back in 2010 to create that experience. We wanted it to be as deep and as engaging as possible, and to be able to take a customer from a new user, who has never even played the Pokémon trading card game before and take them all the way. No having to step away, no having to switch games to get a deeper, richer experience, but really take them from that beginning interest to find the level of competitiveness that they’re comfortable with.

TCG games are really hard to learn unless you have someone sitting across the table from you, teaching you. There might be a handful of people that learn from the rules, but most people got demoed it, had a friend who was into it, and online allows us to change that paradigm. It allows us to change to when you don’t have a friend, we can give you someone – the computer – who knows how to play the game, and really lower that barrier to entry. But also, when you are making that step and you’re going into leagues and tournaments and things like that, it allows you to gain the skillset and confidence to feel like you can participate at a level at least without embarrassing yourself.

The touch interface is just brilliant. It is absolutely the best. Card games translate so well to touch interface, and we have done that. All of the functionality that’s on the PC and Mac is on here – nothing got cut or left behind. It’s identical. Your accounts are identical. You can be playing on a tournament on your PC and have to go to the bathroom, shut down your PC, grab your iPad, log back in – even midgame – and still keep playing. It’s all the same.

Our players have no idea (the iOS version was coming). They have absolutely no idea. In fact, if you read our forums, they’re adamantly convinced we would never do this. That’s the exciting thing. It’s going to absolutely blow them away, because they want it so bad.
— Andrew Finch

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Source: Game Informer via GoNintendo

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