It hasn’t been long since The Legend of Zelda got the Unreal Engine 4 makeover, but the Hero of Hyrule has already returned for more…in a way. For several weeks YouTuber CryZENx has uploaded videos featuring various classic characters within the graphics engine, including Mario, Sonic, the original starter Pokémon, and even Kirby. This latest video features Deku Link from Majora’s Mask spinning around the open-world demo from previous installments. While simplistic compared to some earlier videos in the series, this may be some of the smoothest character design yet. Click above to see for yourself!

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Will Marsh
I loved the outdoors in my younger days, and then I got an NES for my 4th birthday. The rest is history. I'm mostly a Nintendo fan as far as gaming goes, but I also try to expand my horizons via Steam and my roommate's PS4. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor's in English (yet, ironically, struggle to find motivation for pleasure reading since starting my undergrad), and am currently continuing my studies there toward a master's in Digital Content Strategy.


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