Have you ever wanted to stroll through World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. anywhere and anytime you please? How about walking around the warp pipes and pulling the flagpole down for yourself? Thanks to the Microsoft Hololens, one man in New York City was able to recreate that very level and take an inventive walk through one of gaming’s most important creations.

YouTube creator Abhishek Singh created the iconic Super Mario level in Unity3D and put it into action with Microsoft’s premier augmented reality (AR) headset. He decided that Central Park in New York was the right spot to demonstrate, and as you can see above, each obstacle of the famous first 2D Mario level was recreated and true to the nature of the original games.

Singh was able to interact with question mark blocks and power-ups to dispatch enemies as well. If that was not impressive enough, he dressed up as Mario himself for the project. To everyone around him, Singh was just some man jumping and seemingly flicking away flies (instead of fireballs), but for this talented someone whisked away in AR, Singh got one step closer to traveling to the Mushroom Kingdom than just about anyone else.

What do you think about this AR project? Would you try it out, and how would you react if you saw someone reenacting Super Mario Bros. in public? And tell us what other video game levels you would like to see created in AR down below!

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Eric Zavinski
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