Yesterday, at Sony’s press conference, the DualShock 4 was revealed.
Here’s a quick recap of the new features the controller has been given, and head past the list to see gorgeous, high-res screenshots of the new controller.

  • Control
    sticks are now concave rather than convex, like the Xbox 360
    controller; that is, the center of the top of each stick is the lowest
    point of the stick, rather than the highest.
  • There’s now a “Share” button, that can be used to quickly stream gameplay to others via PlayStation Network, for example.
  • The R2 and L2 buttons are now proper triggers, similar in shape to those of the Xbox 360.
  • The D-pad has been given a slight redesign.
  • Each controller now has a touchpad.
  • Each
    controller has a glowing LED that PlayStation Eye uses, along with
    Sixaxis technology, for motion control. The LED is also another way to
    distinguish players.
  • It will feature “enhanced rumble”.
  • An “Options” button now replaces the standard Start and Select buttons.
  • Lastly, there’s a headphone jack.

I personally like the new version of the DualShock due to the improved triggers and the concave control sticks, which I prefer over convex ones. What are your thoughts?

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