Heroes of the Storm is going where no MOBA has ventured before. Blizzard announced at Blizzcon that soon there will be a hero that is controlled by two players at the same time. This fearsome hero is called Cho’gall, and he is a two-headed ogre; each player controls one of the heads. Each head has its own special abilities, but the player controlling the Cho head directs the hero’s movement. If the players can display solid teamwork, they will be able to utilize deadly combos.

For a while, you cannot obtain him by buying him. Instead, there will be the “Cho’gall Buddy Brawl” event, which spans from November 17th to January 1st. During the event, players who do not have him can play as one of Cho’gall’s heads with someone who already owns him. If they win two games like this, the player unlocks the hero for themselves. When the event is over, everyone who doesn’t have him yet can buy Cho’gall in the in-game store. To start off the event, Cho’gall will be seeded to random players, and people who have a Blizzcon loot code can also use that to unlock him.

Are you hoping to get Cho’gall in the event? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Blizzard

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