Hey, hey. Patience.


  1. Because when you graduate college, you’re not evolving, you’re just now hitting level 15 and gaining Tackle. Life has a few more hurdles to throw at you before you hit level 20. (Assuming you’re taking the “usual” route through life, of course)

  2. Albert Aguirre Agat Liendo Sánchez ajaajajajajajajajajjaajajajaj

  3. I think that depends on what you graduate with…

  4. Your missing the part where you get a dead end job for the next 12 years just to pay off the debt so you can eventually get a job at 19an hour lol

  5. Let me tell you. An associates does not get you good work.

    You push til you get that sweet sweet bachelors. I believe in you!

    Shine on like a shiny Magikarp.

  6. Ethan Alexander RIP my degree

  7. Move set is as follow:
    Splash but with crippling debt
    Splash but with no work for field
    Splash but you work at Applebee’s
    Splash but less effective

  8. Madison Mann Jonathan Mann top fan 👆🏾

  9. I couldn’t afford to go graduation, you have to hire the gown and pay for your certificate, then charge for photos and a box to put your certificate in.

    So I just waited for mine to come through the post lol

  10. Macy Wallis me graduating

  11. Henry Pritchard which one are you?

  12. Cla’Retta Fair 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 are we at the level of friendship where i can tag you in mean posts?? Lol

  13. Moms expectations 😂 Razo

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