Hey, hey. Patience.


  1. Because when you graduate college, you’re not evolving, you’re just now hitting level 15 and gaining Tackle. Life has a few more hurdles to throw at you before you hit level 20. (Assuming you’re taking the “usual” route through life, of course)

  2. Brittany Vigil lol

  3. Mauricio Avila thus xD

  4. Nicholas Roesky me

  5. Albert Aguirre Agat Liendo Sánchez ajaajajajajajajajajjaajajajaj

  6. I think that depends on what you graduate with…

  7. Your missing the part where you get a dead end job for the next 12 years just to pay off the debt so you can eventually get a job at 19an hour lol

  8. Let me tell you. An associates does not get you good work.

    You push til you get that sweet sweet bachelors. I believe in you!

    Shine on like a shiny Magikarp.

  9. Oh man, so accurate

  10. Ethan Alexander RIP my degree

  11. Move set is as follow:
    Splash but with crippling debt
    Splash but with no work for field
    Splash but you work at Applebee’s
    Splash but less effective

  12. Madison Mann Jonathan Mann top fan 👆🏾

  13. I couldn’t afford to go graduation, you have to hire the gown and pay for your certificate, then charge for photos and a box to put your certificate in.

    So I just waited for mine to come through the post lol

  14. Macy Wallis me graduating

  15. Henry Pritchard which one are you?

  16. Which means you still can rise!

  17. Cla’Retta Fair 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 are we at the level of friendship where i can tag you in mean posts?? Lol

  18. Moms expectations 😂 Razo

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